Our Performance department is proud to be Iowa's leading seller of ROUSH & Shelby vehicles and upgrades. If you have been looking for a powerful ROUSH or Shelby Mustang in Iowa, or looking to upgrade your truck or Mustang, you've been looking for Ames Ford Performance. As an authorized ROUSH Performance dealership, we can offer Iowa drivers their full lineup. Ames Ford also has a ROUSH-certified service team to install your authentic ROUSH parts and upgrades.

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In addition to our ROUSH Mustang models, the popular ROUSH pickup truck lineup is also here at Ames Ford Performance. From the blacked out ROUSH F-150 Nitemare, to the off-road ROUSH Raptor, to the impressive ROUSH Super Duty, Ames Ford is Iowa's ROUSH pickup truck destination.

Are you shopping for a custom Mustang or pickup truck with maximum performance and unique styling? Ames Ford Performance is Iowa's #1 dealer of ROUSH Performance vehicles. Located in Ames, Iowa, we can help you build your perfect custom vehicle. If you don't see your ROUSH Performance vehicle in stock at our dealership, we can order it for you!

Learn about the ROUSH Performance vehicles available at Ames Ford Performance in Ames, Iowa. Contact the dealership for more information about ordering your custom ROUSH Mustang or pickup truck.

ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang

The ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang combines aerodynamic ROUSH Performance design and Ford's powerful 2.3l EcoBoost turbo engine. To match Ford's innovations in the engine, ROUSH has pushed the limits and made the ROUSH Stage 1 the lightest Mustang available in Iowa. It all comes together to make one of the most exciting Mustangs ever, and the best place to find one is at Ames Ford, the #1 ROUSH Performance Dealer in Iowa.

ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang

The 2020 ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang puts Iowa drivers in control, with unmatched handling, performance, and customization options. The ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang, or RS2 for short, brings all the custom touches that ROUSH Performance is known for. Whether you want to hit the track or just turn heads in Ankeny with your custom Mustang, it doesn't get much better than the RS2.

ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang

If you are not familiar with ROUSH vehicles, then you have been missing out on the highest-performance custom Mustangs for sale in Iowa. And there is no better example than the ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang. The ROUSH Mustang Stage 3 offers 750 horsepower, performance upgrades, and unique interior and exterior elements. It is unlike any other Mustang you will find in Iowa.


Upon first glance, there's no mistaking the 2020 ROUSH F-150 for a stock Ford model. With its aggressive grille and stance, the ROUSH F-150 cuts an imposing figure. However, design elements also contribute to clean lines and a cohesive identity. Some of the unique touches include accent lighting in the grille and fender flares, as well as ROUSH puddle lights. Combined with the unique front bumper cover and customizable graphics packages, Iowa drivers will enjoy an unbeatable level of style and class with the 2020 ROUSH F-150.


Iowa drivers who want a ROUSH F-150 with more power will love the F-150 SC. While in many ways equipped similarly to the standard ROUSH F-150, the F-150 SC comes with the famous ROUSH Supercharger. The 5.0l V8 of the stock F-150 is pumped up to a whopping 650 horsepower and 610 lb-ft of torque. That's over 250 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque more than a stock Ford F-150.

ROUSH F-150 Nitemare

While most ROUSH F-150 models focus on off-road performance, the 2020 ROUSH F-150 Nitemare is built for the street. Featuring a sport lowering kit, as well as the same powerful supercharged engine as the F-150 SC, the Nitemare is the ultimate performance truck. Boasting a 0-60 time of just 3.9 seconds, the ROUSH Nitemare will stun bystanders and Iowa owners alike with its instant torque and smooth ride.

ROUSH Raptor

Every ROUSH pickup truck boasts incredible performance and rugged durability, but the ROUSH Raptor stands alone when it comes to off-road chops. Featuring the highest quality off-road equipment, as well as premium interior and exterior features, the ROUSH Raptor will not be outdone. ROUSH has also added an upgraded front brake package from Alcon for added control and precision.

ROUSH Super Duty

With their modifications to the Super Duty pickup truck, ROUSH has cemented itself as the true king of performance. Already best-in-class when it comes to towing and hauling, the Super Duty has been transformed into a formidable off-road beast with looks to match by the ROUSH Performance team. The best part? Ames residents can find it at Ames Ford, Iowa's premier ROUSH Performance dealership.

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