The Ford Edge is one of the most popular and well-loved vehicles in its class, but is it a good choice as a used vehicle? A lot of the answer will have to do with standard and available features, build quality, and performance. The five-seat Edge is a compelling choice among midsize SUVs for good reason, so let's look at whether a used Ford Edge is right for you as a pre-owned purchase.

Longevity & Value

These are two of the main factors that shoppers consider when searching for their next used vehicle. Depreciation can work in a buyer's favor when buying a recent model year, but it can also mean a much lower resale value as time goes on. It's also important to look at the features offered by the used vehicle you're considering. If a vehicle was just redesigned, it could mean that your used model will be lacking desirable features.

One good thing about buying a used Ford Edge, is that its most recent full redesign was in 2015. That means that although features and even the Edge's appearance have changed over the years, it's still the same vehicle. Any used Edge from 2015 on will have many of the features and qualities offered in the latest models, though Ford's acclaimed SYNC 3 system was introduced in 2016.

Buying used means you will get a very similar vehicle to the refreshed 2019 Ford Edge, but for thousands less than you would spend new. The Edge also has good reliability scores and fuel efficiency, meaning it stands up very well as a used vehicle when compared to newer models.

Driving & Features

One of the strongest selling points of the Ford Edge is that it offers a better driving experience than many competitors. The standard engine is a turbocharged 2.0l that produces 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. This is a fun and efficient engine, and means the Edge's driving dynamic and performance are up to current model year standards. There is also an optional V6 that buyers will find on the used market, and finding a used Edge Sport will get an even more powerful 2.7l turbo.

While those test driving a used Ford Edge will certainly enjoy the driving experience, its interior comfort and practicality will be big selling points for Iowa families. While some vehicles this size squeeze in a third row of seats, Ford has chosen to instead provide two truly luxurious rows of seating. The second row offers great legroom, and will be popular among kids or adults who don't get shotgun. This gives the Ford Edge a much more premium interior feel than many competitors that have a more cramped second row.

Interior cargo dimensions are also impressive, meaning your used Ford Edge will remain a practical all-around vehicle for years to come. Always slotted as a more premium choice in Ford's lineup, buyers will also like the Edge's selection of interior materials and features. Shoppers will find several audio system options on used Edge models, and infotainment systems can be found with large touchscreens that offer Android Auto & Apple CarPlay. Leather interior is a popular option, and the panoramic sunroof further adds to the vehicle's luxury feel.

Worth a Test Drive

For Iowa shoppers looking for a used SUV or crossover, the Ford Edge should be a top priority for a test drive. With a dynamic driving quality, modern features, and strong value, used Ford Edge models compete handily with new vehicles but at a price point that is thousands less. The Edge's popularity and performance speak for themselves, and once you test drive one for yourself, you'll see what the hype is about.