Saleen Parts for Your Ford Mustang

Saleen Parts for Your Ford Mustang

People around the world know that the Ford Mustang is renowned both for its performance and for its classic style. The stock model is a beast, capable of tremendous speed and sharp handling. With custom parts from Saleen, however, the car can be taken to the next level.

What is Saleen?

Steve Saleen, a former racing driver, started the company in 1983. It specializes in building fantastic vehicles from the ground up, and in providing custom parts that allow vehicles to perform even better than they already do. Saleen has produced a number of championship-winning cars, including the 2001 Saleen S7, which won four Drivers' championships around the world. 


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Saleen Mustang Upgrades

Saleen performance parts are many and varied, and allow for nearly infinite customization of your vehicle. Iowa drivers will enjoy the enhanced speed and handling that Saleen parts can lend to a Mustang.

Saleen's 2021 302 is the company's take on the Ford Mustang. The vehicle features stylish 20-inch wheels, a high-air-flow grill, and a customized interior that will impress any Iowa driver. The upgraded suspension is paired with Saleen's Powerflash calibration, which increases the car's horsepower output by 15. 

Where to Get Saleen Mustang Parts

Ames Ford Performance can install all of these custom parts and more on whatever Mustang you have or are planning to purchase. This is the joy of Saleen: Authorized dealers like Ames Ford sell Saleen vehicles, but can also install the parts that allow drivers to soup up their own cars. For example, Saleen sells a Twin-Screw Supercharger Package for the Mustang, which is perfect for creating a 'sleeper' Mustang with massive power.

With these new parts, a Mustang will hit 730 Rear-Wheel Horsepower! Drivers who aren't looking for quite that much out of their Mustang will still find a plethora of options. Saleen sells performance parts for every inch of the Mustang, ranging from wheels to brakes to fuel delivery systems. 


The Ford Mustang is a classic car that offers both style and performance in the base model. Some Iowa drivers, however, might want to beef up their own Mustangs, and Saleen offers great options for this. You can't go wrong with Saleen parts, or with Saleen's own versions of the Ford Mustang.

Whether you want a supercharger and the works to turn your car into the talk of the town or you want to simply make the Mustang even more stylish, Ames Ford Performance has the parts and the expertise needed to make it happen.