Off-road truck and SUV drivers in Ames, Iowa, enjoy the extra capabilities and aggressive styling that comes with installing a lift or leveling kit on their vehicle. Yet lift kits can be time-consuming to install and require special knowledge or tools. And as an aftermarket alteration, lift kit installation may endanger the vehicle's warranty. So how do Ames-area Ford drivers ensure they can get a warranty-compliant lift kit properly installed on their truck or SUV? They talk to their local Ford dealership.

As the top ROUSH Performance dealer in Central Iowa, Ames Ford Lincoln offers the parts and people you need to ensure premier off-road performance. From friendly, knowledgeable technicians with performance-specific experience to warranty-compliant parts sourced directly from the manufacturer, Ames Ford Lincoln helps Iowa performance drivers optimize their ride. Contact us for more details.

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Try a Lift Kit on your Truck or SUV

Lift kits are a common piece of aftermarket equipment in the automotive dealership space. Drivers install lift kits to maximize the off-road capabilities of their vehicle, whether by increasing ground clearance or by improving ride quality. Lift kits also give a more aggressive air to a vehicle while allowing drivers to use larger, thicker tires.

The term "lift kit" often encompasses two different forms of modification. Traditional lift kits raise the height of the vehicle two or more inches while adding various structural changes. Leveling kits add a small increase in vehicle height while evening out the suspension. Lift kits provide maximum ground clearance and are best for extensive off-roading in deep condition. Leveling kits are far more modest, and are ideal for plowing or towing.

Lift your Truck or SUV at the Dealership

Many lift kits are quite complicated, requiring changes to brake lines and drive shafts. Thus, having a knowledgeable expert install one is crucial.

Traditionally, all lift kits were aftermarket modifications. Since the dealer did not supply these kits, drivers often had to worry about voiding their warranty. This concern was especially relevant if the driver chose to have a third party install the kit. But in 2019, Ford Performance released a leveling kit for its Ranger and F-150 vehicles. This kit allowed for better front ground clearance while increasing approach and breakover angles. And as a Ford Performance product, the kit offered a warranty-compliant way to modify the vehicle.

Yet the 2019 Ford Performance Off-Road Levelling Kit is not the only lift kit that Ford dealers can install. Ford dealership technicians are highly trained and certified, with ample expertise in many areas of vehicle repair. Thus, they can install lift kits on many different brands of pickup truck.

Lifting a vehicle at a dealership makes financing the kit easier. The price of lift kits can vary widely, running from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars. However, when Ames residents buy a new truck or SUV at a Ford dealership, the price of the lift kit can be included in the vehicle's overall financing plan.

Choose Ames Ford Lincoln for your Performance Needs

Lift kits are a great way for Iowa drivers to provide distinctive styling to their vehicle while maximizing performance. And Ford dealerships such as Ames Ford Lincoln provide the trust and expertise needed to ensure that a lift kit installation happens successfully. As a large, well-respected service center in the Story County community, Ames Ford Lincoln has the knowledge and experience needed for proper warranty-compliant lift kit installation.

Ames Ford Lincoln provides a wide variety of new and used vehicles for drivers across Iowa. Our finance and service centers are eager to help Story County drivers afford and maintain their next great ride. And as the top ROUSH Performance dealer in Central Iowa, we offer upfits and modifications to help drivers get the most out of their performance vehicles. Visit us at 123 Airport Road in Ames, Iowa, or call us at (515) 233-1913 to ask questions or to schedule a test drive. 


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