Ford vs Toyota


Ford vs. Toyota

Here at Ames Ford, we get many of customers asking "how does it compare to the Toyota?" Both manufacturers carry some of the top vehicles in each class, both carry great features and both come packed with features. If you are shopping for a vehicle and in between both of these two Automotive giants, this is for you. Who will reign supreme? Let's find out!


F-150 vs Tundra

First, we start with the battle of the trucks. Ford has always dominated the Full-Size Truck segment. Toyota pushing its way in brings the Tundra. Toyota has always done well in the smaller vehicle segment, how do they compare against the big boys?

Let's start at the heart of the vehicles, the power-train. Toyota offers 2 V8 choices mated to 1 transmission. Ford offers 4 different engine options and 2 transmissions. Fuel economy for the Tundra is 15 city and 19 hwy, meanwhile, F-150 offers 19 city and 26 hwy.

Towing and Hauling is a factor many truck buyers consider. Tundra offers a respectable 10,500 lbs, F-150's tow rating is a whopping 12,200 lbs. Payload rating for Tundra is 2,080 lbs while F-150 brings an impressive 3,270 lbs.

Safety isn't compromised at Ford. Rated IIHS "Top Safety Pick" and scoring 5 stars by NHTSA. Tundra did score well with The IIHS, despite not being a Top Safety Pick. NHTSA scored Tundra at 4 out of 5 stars.

If fuel efficiency, towing, hauling and safety is at the top of your list for your next truck, F-150 would be your best choice!


Escape vs Rav-4

Next up we compare the Ford Escape and the Toyota Rav-4. The mid-sized SUV segment is one of the most popular segments today. This includes both the Escape and Rav-4 as top choices as they are favorites in their class.

Safety for both vehicles is highly rated. Both offer standard rear-view camera and a host of features. Options available include blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and more. Only one of these vehicles earns 5 stars from NHTSA, can you guess which one?

If you guessed the Ford Escape, you were correct. The Ford Escape earns a 5-star rating from NHTSA, the Rav-4 earned a respectable 4-star rating.

Safety isn't the only place Ford out edges the Rav-4.  Escapes' interior features more premium materials compared to the hard plastic in the Rav-4. For those looking for a fun drive, Escape offers a turbocharged engine which brings 245 horsepower. Toyota offers only 1 engine option with 176 horsepower.

Safety, premium materials, and fun. This is what describes the Ford Escape over the Toyota Rav-4.


Focus vs Corolla

What was the "small/economical" segment now is now the "Compact" segment? Vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta have turned the Focus and Corolla into well-sized sedans. If you are looking for affordability with some space, this is for you.

Both the Focus and Corolla are compared very often. Being the compact segment, affordability is usually the top subject, Focus excels here as the base price Focus is less than the base model Corolla. Affordability shouldn't mean safety is sacrificed, with Ford it isn't. Ford comes standard with Rear-view camera and has a host of available features.

Size is also a plus for Focus. While the Focus Sedan and Corolla trunks are close (13.2 vs 13 cubic feet), the Focus Hatchback gives drivers almost double the space (23.3 cubic feet!)

Toyota Corolla offers an available 6.1" infotainment system. It's easy to use and is well packaged. Ford Focus brings a larger 8" Sync 3 that offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!

If you are looking for affordability, safety, space, and available tech features; the Ford Focus is the choice for you!


Fusion vs Camry

The battle of the mid-sized sedan is and always will be everlasting. As one of the top selling segments, manufacturers duke it out every single year. Toyota and Ford is no exception. So let's start with something simple - numbers

.In terms of pricing, both vehicles offer a ton of value. The most notable is the Fusion. Not only is the Ford Fusion lower priced at the entry level, the top of the line model is less than the top model Toyota Camry as well. Did Ford skimp somewhere? No, they didn't. Shoppers can see this by comparing features. These vehicles are available in 2018 models, and this year technology is of utmost importance for many buyers.

The Fusion and Camry are available in 2018 models, and this year technology is of utmost importance for many buyers. Both vehicles offer a wide variety of features such as touchscreen display, a backup camera, and even applications for the car. Where the difference lies is in the compatibility. Today almost every driver has a smartphone, and through Bluetooth is helpful, it's becoming dated. Strong integration is in Apple Carplay and Android Auto, which both are available in Ford Fusion. Though the Toyota Camry had a facelift, they somehow forgot this key ingredient.

To be fair, both vehicles are quite amazing. Though we have to give the edge to the Ford Fusion by being much better value both for features and price.


Explorer vs Highlander

If you're looking for space, this is for you. Both of these vehicles offer 3rd-row seating and plenty of cupholders, what more could you want? All jokes aside, there is a lot more to offer besides just space and room for drinks. These high tech SUV's transport passengers in comfort and style. Which is right for you?

Between the two, styling is totally subjective. Though we see the Highlander as a more crossover type SUV, the Explorer is more of a traditional SUV. This is seen not only in styling but also in capability. The Ford Explorer offers quite the features for off-roading. If your family sees any dirt roads or camping trips in the future, this is a big factor. The Ford Explorer has available terrain management, this lets you select the best driving experience to the terrain you are going to conquer.

When it comes to cargo space, both vehicles are pretty close when the seats are up. If you ever need to haul more though, the Ford Explorer is your best bet. When all seats are folded down the Ford Explorer offers a whopping 21 cubic ft, compared to the Toyota Highlander at a mere 13.8 cubic ft.

Both vehicles are great choices, if you are looking for something with plenty of room to haul and doesn't quite give off the "mini-van" vibe - Ford Explorer is your choice!

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