Ford Fusion vs Chevy Malibu Ankeny, IA

Spring is here, and our Ankeny, IA customers know that means great savings on new vehicles. As customers come in, some have asked us to compare the Ford Fusion vs Chevy Malibu. These are two popular midsize sedans in Iowa, and owners tend to be satisfied with their choice. But which one is best for Ankeny, IA residents? Let's find out in our comparison of the Ford Fusion vs Chevy Malibu.

Driving Experience

While many Ankeny shoppers will be buying a midsize sedan for commuting or family use, the driving experience remains an important consideration. Owners will most likely be spending quite a bit of time in their vehicle, so it's important to get one that performs the way you want it to and that provides a comfortable ride. Between the Ford Fusion and Chevy Malibu, the Fusion definitely comes out on top when it comes to performance.

The Fusion has more performance-oriented engine options, such as a 2.7l turbo V6, and a more performance-tuned suspension. Despite its suspension providing a sportier feel, the Fusion also offers a supremely smooth ride. The better acceleration and handling of the Ford Fusion make it a much more athletic and fun choice for driving. That said, the Malibu also offers turbocharged engine options, and is no slouch on the road. It's smooth suspension is also good during the commute, but it's an overall less exciting driving experience.

Features & Interior

Both sedans offer smartphone connectivity. Ford's Sync 3 system is considered the best in the business, and Chevy also makes connecting easy on higher trim levels. One big difference in features is that Ford has included a rearview camera as standard with the Fusion, while it's an optional upgrade on the Malibu. Ankeny, IA shoppers with children will be happy to know that both vehicles received 5-star crash safety ratings, and offer a wealth of features. Ford's MyKey system allows owners to set speed limits and other parameters for teenage drivers. Chevy offers a similar system with the Malibu, and both offer great peace of mind to parents.


Based on our comparison of the Ford Fusion vs Chevy Malibu, it's clear that both are solid midsize sedans. But which one is best for Ankeny, IA residents? If driving experience is important to you, the Ford Fusion should be on your shortlist. Its sharp handling and strong acceleration make for a more confident and enjoyable ride, especially if going for the Sport trim. If you want to come on up from Ankeny, give us a call to set up your test drive of the Ford Fusion.