Ford Focus vs Chevy Cruze Ankeny, IA

Many Iowans are looking for new cars this Spring, and some of our Ankeny customers are comparing the Ford Focus vs Chevy Cruze. These compact cars are great for commuting, and both are very highly rated. But which one is best for you? Ankeny, IA residents looking for a new car should read this comparison of the Ford Focus vs Chevy Cruze.

Driving Experience

We're leading this comparison off with a look at the driving experience offered by the Cruze and the Focus. Although one might not think it matters that much on a commute, our Ankeny customers will tell you that they appreciate a bit more acceleration and performance. Comparing the Ford vs the Chevrolet, the Ford offers a smoother, more exciting driving experience. That's especially true with the hatchback and performance models. The Ford Focus hatchback comes standard with their 2.0l engine, and offers surprising utility as well for a compact car.

For the more budget conscious, the Focus also has an available 1.0l turbocharged engine. For those Ankeny shoppers just looking for a simple people mover, that could be the engine option of choice. The Chevy Cruze's standard 1.4l engine is also efficient, but loses out to Ford's upgraded engines when it comes to acceleration and performance. Both vehicles have great sound isolation, but the Focus is considered best-in-class in that category. The Chevy's suspension is also less forgiving when it comes to bumps in the road, while the Ford Focus again offers one of the smoothest rides due to its great suspension.

Design & Features

Today's car owners expect not only economy and performance from their compact cars, but also great features. Comparing the Ford Focus vs Chevy Cruze on features, they are pretty close. Looking at the base model, the Cruze actually comes with better smartphone connectivity. Going beyond the base model, however, Ankeny residents can get Ford's industry-leading Sync 3 system. Chevy's MyLink system also does a great job.

For our Ankeny customers that want a feature-full, versatile vehicle, the Ford Focus SEL Hatchback is hard to beat. The SEL trim offers great features, value, and performance. This comes with Sync 3, an upgraded Sony sound system, dual-zone automatic climate control, and other great options. Though the Chevy Cruze also has great features with its LT trim, automatic climate control is not available unless you get the Premier trim with an additional premium package. It's a similar story with parking sensors and Chevy's upgraded sound system, which come standard on the Focus's SEL trim. There's even an Electric version of the Ford Focus, which has a 115 mile range on a single charge.


Ankeny, IA residents looking for a new vehicle this Spring are definitely right in comparing the Ford Focus vs Chevy Cruze. They both offer great value among compact cars. But going beyond the base model, it's clear that the Ford Focus offers Ankeny owners not only better value, but better quality as well. Ford made a good decision by including a wealth of features with each trim level, while the Cruze locks them up in optional packages. Though the Focus and Cruze might be considered basic commuter cars, our Ankeny customers deserve the best quality and smoothest ride. If you think the Ford Focus might be your next vehicle, give us a call to try out its various styles.