Ford F-150 vs GMC Sierra Des Moines

We're coming into the last week of Truck Month, and want to give our Des Moines customers a comparison they've been asking for: the Ford F-150 vs GMC Sierra. We've done a comparison between the Ford F-150 and Silverado, which is a very similar truck to the GMC Sierra, so we're taking this chance to look at different features. Both of these trucks are popular, especially in Des Moines, but let's take a closer look and see what sets the F-150 and Sierra apart.

Power & Luxury

Chances are that if you're looking to buy a full-size pickup truck, power and towing capability are going to be some of the most important features for you. The Ford F-150 and GMC Sierra both offer impressive towing capabilities, at over 13,000 lbs and 12,000 lbs respectively. But the Ford can carry a load of almost 1,000 lbs more in its bed. That can be the difference between heading home and having to make a second trip, so it's something to consider.

But what about comfort? More and more Des Moines truck shoppers are looking for a certain level of luxury in their trucks, rather than a bare-bones work model. Both trucks offer luxury trims, being the Ford F-150 Limited and the GMC Sierra Denali. Both of these luxury models are outfitted with a Bose stereo system, large touchscreen, a roomy interior, and leather upholstery. The F-150 has been praised for its supremely comfortable seats, award-winning SYNC 3 system, and overall interior quality. The Sierra also has a luxury feel to it, but even the Denali trim level has some details that hold it back.

Since it is an older design, the Sierra still features a lot of smooth, hard plastic elements. And some drivers have gone online to complain that the steering wheel is not lined up with the driver's seat. That might pass in a basic work truck, but not when opting for the top trim level. It's also been observed that the A/C does not work particularly well in hot weather, which could be a dealbreaker for those who want to cool off in their truck after a long day's work.


Driving Experience

For Des Moines residents comparing the Ford F-150 vs GMC Sierra, the driving experience will probably be a big factor. Both trucks have great acceleration and powerful engine options, with the Ford inching ahead of the Sierra in acceleration and gas mileage due to its aluminum construction. The F-150 also brakes considerably faster due to its lighter weight. That said, it's hard to imagine anyone being disappointed by the power offered by either of these trucks.

Both trucks have great steering, and feel more nimble than their size would suggest. Due to its light weight and newer design, however, the Ford F-150 is a lot more confident while turning. It seems that the aluminum body really does make a difference in a variety of ways, but the Sierra is still a competent truck. Both the F-150 and GMC Sierra offer great isolation from wind and road noise, and allow drivers to experience a smooth ride both in the city and the country. Several reviewers, though, have recommended against the Sierra Denali's optional 22-inch wheels, as they take away a lot of the noise isolation and cause the steering column to vibrate.


Comparing the Ford F-150 vs GMC Sierra is a tough task, as both trucks are very practical and offer similar pricing. The newer design of the F-150 definitely has some real benefits, and other manufacturers will probably be following their lead in future designs. For now, though, the GMC Sierra is still a powerful truck that can get the job done. But, when it comes to combining the latest technology, luxury, and class-leading hauling capability, the Ford F-150 is a tough act to follow. If you're interested in celebrating Truck Month with a new pickup, check out our inventory and contact us about a test drive.