Ford EcoSport vs Buick Encore Des Moines, IA

Compact crossovers are soaring in popularity in Des Moines, IA, and today we're comparing the all-new Ford EcoSport vs Buick Encore. Compact crossovers are popular because they offer some of the utility normally reserved for SUVs, but retain the handling and efficiency of a smaller vehicle. Do these two vehicles provide good value to Des Moines owners? Find out in our comparison of the Ford EcoSport vs Buick Encore.


Although the Ford EcoSport is all-new for the US market, it has actually been available internationally for some time. That's given Ford the chance to refine the design. The Buick Encore has been on the US market longer, and is actually unchanged from 2017. Between the EcoSport and the Encore, the Ford offers over 10% more cargo space, which can make a difference on a trip to the grocery store. Both vehicles come with good smartphone connectivity, with the EcoSport using Ford's award-winning Sync 3 system.

Driving Experience

Comparing the driving experience of the Ford EcoSport vs Buick Encore, they feel fairly similar in many ways. While that wouldn't normally help us decide between the two, it does in that case. That's because the Ford comes in several thousand dollars lower than the Encore. As many reviewers have noted, the Encore really doesn't offer that much in terms of performance or utility for the extra cost. With its similar driving experience and greater utility, the EcoSport stays ahead of its competition.


After comparing the Ford EcoSport vs Buick Encore, it's clear that the EcoSport provides better value to Des Moines, IA residents. Not only does it offer more storage than the Encore, the EcoSport also matches or surpasses its driving experience for less money. Many Des Moines shoppers will be looking at compact crossovers with economy in mind, which makes the EcoSport a much stronger candidate for most buyers. If you'd like to try out an EcoSport and see if it's the right compact crossover for you, just give us a call to set up your test drive.