"New roads lead to new destinations,
We just want to get you there faster."

Hometown: Columbus, OH
High School: Ames High
College: Iowa State University

Faisal currently lives in Ames with his pit bull, two cats and girlfriend Talia who owns a woman's boutique downtown called Portobello Road. He enjoys working on his vehicles in his spare time, working out, biking and grilling out.

"I want to ensure that my customers are as proud of their vehicle as I would be. I want them to know that they will receive the same level of expert care before, during and (most importantly) after the sale. Perfection is our goal here at Ames Ford Performance. Our customers who purchase performance vehicles from us are doing so as a form of self-expression and reward. They deserve to have a customized build that matches their personality and are proud to show off to friends and family."

Did you know?
Faisal started playing violin and viola in the 1st grade, then slowly progressed to playing the saxophone and percussion. Today, he dedicates most of his musical ability to playing guitar and jamming with local bands.